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 I think Cem Yılmaz has two advantages for our country. First: Cem Yılmaz saves us  from humor  with message of Levent Kırca with his without message humor. Second: He can say I work,  earn and spend.

  You like or not. Those two things are revolution for us. But the second one takes everybody’s attention.

  I  made a conversation about these things and G.O.R.A. That is the end film of Cem Yılmaz.


It is said that you bought the most expensive car of the world when your film will be published. How a coincidence is it?


I don’t know, I didn’t buy a car


Is this all a lie?


Of course, it is.


All right, the other cars in garage?


    Yes, I rode them. But they stayed on the list that is at the back of caricature book. I sell and buy another car like everybody.


Is this a result of your saying  ‘‘I work, earn and spend’’? Do you think this?


I think, nobody say ‘‘I earn money from this job’’. Everybody says ‘‘I can’t manage with this money. I just enjoy with saying that ‘‘I earn much money than making caricature with my this job’’

Everybody says ‘‘Cem Yılmaz rides very expensive cars, he has a lot of hidden cars in his garage’’ What is hidden!


Why do you buy a lot of cars?


Not for ride or to make dı dı dıt. Where people saw me with expensive cars. What can I do in traffic with these cars.


You can buy a Şahin to go somewhere. Why do you much expensive cars?


That was  my  hobby, but not now. I do nothing  to  earn  money. Everybody thinks that Cem Yılmaz earn so much money. Everybody says ‘‘Cem Yılmaz earn a lot of money from G.O.R.A.’’ but I took just actor and scenario money.


Don’t you take money from revenue?  


No, I can’t understand people who says ‘‘he earns a lot of money from G.O.R.A.’’ Everybody calculate revenue about films or game, but I take just ten percent of it. A film has a lot of expenditure. Much of our money goes for expenditures.


Is there strange something about your money?


Yes, it is so strange. I don’t know how to spend money and how to earn money. I think I earn less money than I need. We can’t know the end of our job.


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