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  My name is Yahya Barış Özaçkır. I was born on the 27th February, 1989 in Gökçeköy, Saruhanlı.

  My father’s name is Metin. He is a farmer. My mother’s name is Fatma. She works in our perfumery.

  My childhood passed in Gökçeköy and I started primary school in Gökçeköy. I went to Gökçeköy Primary School three years. When I was ten, I came to Manisa to go Alirıza Çevik Primary School.

  I stayed two years in my father’s sister’s house with my father’s sister’s family. I was away from my family two years. After these two years my family moved Manisa. But we always go to Gökçeköy. Specially my father go to Gökçeköy more than two in a week. Beause his work is there.

  I finished primary school in Alirıza Çevik Primary School. In 2003 we sat an exam for high school and I deserved to study in Fatih Anatolia High School. This year is my third year in this school.

  We will sit the big exam next year. So that I must go to study my lessen :)

                                                                                                     Thank you very much...


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