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Nobody seemed to care about Mary. She was born in India. Her father was a British official. He was very busy with his work and her mother spent all her time going to parties. So Kamala was paid to take care of little Miss Mary. Her mother was very beautiful and pretty. But Mary wasn’t pretty girl, she was disagreeable, bad-tempered in addition she never thought of other people , only wants her, nobody likes her. She had a thin angry face and thin yellow hair.

One day her parents have died so Mary was sent back to England to live with her uncle. After the long sea journey, she was met in London by Mr. Craven’s housekeeper, Mrs. Medlock. Together Mary and Mrs. Medlock travelled north by train. Mrs. Medlock was a large woman. Mary didn’t like her. But that wasn’t surprising because she didn’t usually like people.

Then Mary and Mrs. Medlock arrived at a very big old house. It looked dark and fearful. The house was hundred rooms but most of them were locked. She couldn’t see trees or houses. Then Mrs. Medlock showed Mary’s room and she wen to bed.

When Mary woke up, she saw a young servant girl. She was cleaning the fireplace. The room seemed dark with picture of dogs, horses and ladies on the wall.

Mary asked a young servant who she was. A young servant answered with smile Martha, Miss.

Then Mary continued talking with Martha a long time. after that When Mary had breakfast, they continued talking.

Martha said to put a coat on and run outside to play.

Mary asked ‘But who will go with her.’

Martha stared at her ‘Nobody. You’ll have to learn play by yourself. Dickon (Martha’ brother) plays by himself, with birds, sheep, others animals. Perhaps I shouldn’t tell you this, but one of the walled gardens is locked up, Nobody’s been is it for ten years. It was Mrs. Craven’s garden, and when her wife died so suddenly he locked it and buried the key’ then Martha had to go back it.

Then Mary went to in the garden. She saw old man what was digging in one of the vegetable gardens but he looked unfriendly, she walked on.

Just then she noticed a robin singing to her from a tree on the other side of a wall. The robin was living in the secret garden, she thought.

She went back to where the gardener was digging and spoke to him.

His name was Ben Weatherstaff. They were alike, he and he. They weren’t pretty to look at and they were both very disagreeable.

The next day it was very rainy so Mary didn’t go out instead of she decided to wander round the house. When she was looking into some of the hundred rooms, she heard someone crying. Just then Mrs. Medlock appeared with her keys in her hand. Mrs. Medlock asked Mary What was she doing here. Mary answered ‘I didn’t know which way to go and I heard someone crying.’ Mrs. Medlock said ‘I didn’t hear anything, you must go to your room and bed. Then Mary went to bed.

When Mary woke up two days later, the wind and rain had all disappeared and the sky was a beautiful blue. Then Mary and Martha were talking in the morning. But Martha had to went to home because she ought to helped her mother with the housework. Mary felt lonelier then ever when Martha had gone, so she went outside. Then she saw Ben . he asked her if she could smell spring in the air. She answered ‘I will’. Then the little bird hopped on to Ben’s spade.

Ten years was a long time, Mary thought. She had been born ten years ago. She walked away. She had begun to like the gardens and the robin, Martha, Dickon and their mother. Before she came to Yorkshire she had not liked anybody.

She was walking beside the long wall of the secret garden. When a most wonderful thing happened. She felt very happy and pleased. As he hopped a long beside her. She hopped and song too, to show him that she was his friend. Just then he stopped at a place where a dog dug a hole in the ground. As Mary looked at the hole, she noticed something almost buried there. She put her hand in and pulled it out. It was an old key.

She thought it’s a secret garden’s key and it that’s right. She felt very happy and put the key safely in her pocket.

Then she went to Martha. Martha had bought present form Mary. She was very happy. Then she thanked her She never thanked people usually and she didn’t know how to do it.

The present was skipping-rope. Mary skipped, skipped and counted in the garden. Then was Ben. Mary skipped all the way to the secret garden wall. There was the robin. He had followed Mary. She was very happy.

After that she went to the secret garden door’s. Then she took the key out of her pocket and opened the door. She got excited. She walked quickly in and shut the door behind her. At last she was inside the secret garden.

It was most exciting place she had ever seen. There were old rose trees everywhere and It was wonderful garden in a world of her own. She worked away, cleaning the ground two or three hours. Then she arrived back in her room.

Mary asked Martha ‘ will you write and ask Dickon to buy them for me?’

Martha’ I will. He will bring them to you himself.’

Then Mary looked very excited. Just then she heard someone crying. Mary asked it from Martha. She said ‘ I didn’t hear it, I think it’s wind.’ But Mary didn’t think it was wind. Then she wen to bed.

Mary spent nearly a week working in the secret garden. Each day she found new shoots coming out of the ground. There would be flowers everywhere thousands of them.

During that week she became more friendly with Ben. She skipped along and into the wood at the end of the gardens. She heard a strange noise and there in front of her was a boy. Then she went to here and she listened a boy. A boy was Dickon.

She never saw him and met with Dickon. Then Mary and Dickon was good friend. He likes animals and plays them.

Mart showed the secret garden with him. And they went to there. They played, talked,... in the secret garden.

Then Mary arrived back home. Her uncle called Mary she went to him. He had thin, black hair with some white in it and crooked shoulders. He was a goo man but he looks unhappy. Because his wife had died. Then Mary and he talked a long time.

...She was planning to work in the secret garden with Dickon everyday to make of it beautiful for the summer.

In the middle of the night Mary woke up. Heavy rain had started falling again. She heard crying again. Then she decided to discover who is was. She left room, found the right room and opened the door. It was a big room and a boy. A boy said ‘Who are you?’. Mary was confused. Then she started to talking with him. The boy was Mary’s cousin. He was Mrs. Craven’s son. He name was Colin. He was very ill. He said ‘I’m going to die’. He was very angry. And his father didn’t want to see him. Then she talked with Colin a long time.

Mary visited to Colin everyday instead of visiting the garden because it rained all the next week. But she woke early one morning to see the sun shining into her room and she ran out to the secret garden at Dickon and Mary saw the robin’s nest. They watched the robin for a moment. Then Mary talked about Colin with Dickon. She explain Colin, they decided they would bring to Colin.

Mary didn’t have time to visit Colin that day because she was busy and had a lot of gardening to do. Then Mary visited to Colin. But he was very angry because she didn’t visited to him. And he saw her. He started argue with Mary. Then Mary got angry to him and she arrived back her room. Then he was ill. And he want to Mary. Martha went to her room and she called Mary. Then Mary went to the Colin’ room. She cured to Colin.

The next day Mary and Dickon took away Colin in the secret garden. Colin was very happy and liked the secret garden. Colin, Dickon and Mary talked, played in the secret garden. Then Ben saw them. And Colin2s thin feet were on the grass and he was standing, holding Dickon’s arm. He looked strangely tall and held his head very high. Tears were running down Ben’s brown face. That was the first of many beautiful afternoon in the secret garden.

While the secret garden was returning to life, Colin’s father with high, crooked shoulders was wandering round the most beautiful places Europe.

That night he slept better than usual. He even began to think a little about his home and his son. He fell asleep and had a dream that seemed very real. He heard a voice calling him. It was sweet and happy, the voice of his young wife.

And then the dream ended. In the morning when he woke, he remembered the dream.

And he received a letter from Susan Sowerby. Mrs. Craven thought of his dream and decided to return to England.

When he arrived home. He went to the secret garden and saw his son, Dickon and Mary Colin ran out, a tall, healthy, handsome boy, straight into the his father’s arms.

Mrs. Medlock, Martha and the others servants had the greatest shock of their lives...


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